We perform minor repairs at our store.  This most often includes:  edge bindings, securing fringe ends (we can show you the various methods when you’re here.)We provide estimates for this work once we have seen the rugs(s).

 Major restorations (and their estimates) require transport of the rug(s) to our New York facilities for estimates and work by technically skilled and experienced restorers.


Dirt works its way down & resides low in the carpet fibers.  This dirt should come out in a proper, professional cleaning; not everyone has the facilities for this kind of processing, as we do in our Danvers location. Cost is $3.50 per square foot, (i.e. an 8 x 10 rug is 80 sq. ft and would cost $280. to clean, if it were exactly 8×10).

 There are additional charges for handling pet stains and moths, and mildew properly.

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