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Bezalel Rug – 270601

Design No.:270601
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:2.4X2.10

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This is an attractive and rare miniature antique pictorial rug from the Bazalel Art School in Jerusalem in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. Carpet design and weaving were among the subjects taught. Many Bezalel rugs are pictorial, drawing from local scenes in and around Jerusalem: the Dome of the Rock, for example. Jewish/Hebrew elements are often mixed with Islamic elements. Our example depicts a small, domed edifice between cypress trees, under a moonlit starry sky. This was an actual building in Bethlehem. Since there are no minarets or bell towers, it is not a mosque or church, but rather the tomb of a venerated historical Hebrew figure. In a lower border there is a Hebrew inscription identifying the person as Rachel, wife of Jacob. The borders are executed in a segmented manner, with a panel enclosing a stylised vine and palmettes below the image, and a matching strip above. A wide three sided border frames the peaceful night scene.The foundation is all cotton, with a single weft and a heavy, firm texture. The knots are symmetric and relatively coarsely tied with a medium length pile. The condition is excellent with only slight selective pile corrosion.

For a more comprehensive treatment of Bezalel rugs, see Jewish Rugs,by Anton Felten, Antique Collectors Club.

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