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Antique Oushak Rug- 101202

Design No.:101202
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:9.8X12.4

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This interesting c. 1900 ivory ground Oushak carpet has a pattern of fat quatrefoils and shield-shaped cartouches, each containing cloudbands or floral sprays. This design is adapted from classical 16th century Persian carpets, but with a more informal, less disciplined overall rendering. Delicate floral tendrils fill the ivory reserves around the brightly coloured main elements. The abrashed red main border displays an alternation of cartouches and octofoils, again with a classical Iranian origin. The lack of outlining of the border elements is a Turkish feature and is seen on early Karapinar rugs from central Anatolia. The use of a saturated orange dates the carpet to the 1890-1900 period exactly. The foundation is all wool and the weave is coarse with a long pile as is standard on Oushak weavings of this period.

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