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Antique Tabriz Silk Rug – 160301

Design No.:160301
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:4.4X5.10

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The best quality Tabriz silk rugs have always been prized and this fine example is certainly among them. The gold field of this very finely woven silk is elegantly covered by ogival medallions in ivory with navy centres and dark blue with ivory centres. These medallions have scrolling red sawtooth leafy edges. A wide variety of flowers and short vines fills all the available spaces. The ivory border has a forked arabesque enclosing in and out palmettes. A Tabriz feature is the Greek key geometric guard lines. The pattern is balanced and symmetric in all directions. The warp is ivory silk and the weft is cotton. The weave is flexible,yet substantial. The best Tabriz silks were woven late in the 19th century and this piece fits precisely into that bracket.

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