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Antique Oversize Serapi Carpet-270203

Design No.:270203
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:14.6X21.7
Original Price:$85000.00

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There are very few antique Heriz-Serapi carpets that are both oversize,and with such spectacularly bold design and crisp, saturated natural colours. Coming from the best period of Heriz area weaving, 1900-1910, this well woven antique Persian medallion carpet displays an eight lobe dark blue medallion with striking medium blue anchor pendants along the vertical axis, on a warm madder red field and framed by stylised flowering vine ivory corners. The main in-and-out turtle palmette border is particularly wide and strong. Everything about the carpet is monumental in scale and there are no weak or confused passages in the exceptionally accomplished drawing. Carpets over 12′ by 18′ are considered oversize and are generally custom orders rather than off the peg material. The all natural dye palette, rigourous semi-geometric delineation of motives and even weave all indicate that it was woven to order. The mint condition further implies that it was highly appreciated and always well taken care of. Antique Heriz carpets over 14′ wide are extremely rare and this carpet is near to the maximum loom width available to the village weavers of that well-regarded northwest Persian district.

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