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Antique Serapi Rug-170102

Design No.:170102
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:9.4X12
Original Price:$15000.00

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This is a particularly attractive antique Persian Serapi grade Heriz carpet from the c. 1900 period, the best period for these medallion pattern northwest Persian carpets. The layered  design develops from an orange-red centre, through the teal blue  panel which is embedded and  tied by stylised vines to an ivory submedallion and this latter is enclosed by the natural madder field.  The corners are in a golden tan with  a palmette in each corner.  The flowers and vines are all in the characteristic Heriz  semi-geometric manner. The salmon border displays a rustic version of the turtle palmette and rosette pattern.  Antique Serapi type Heriz carpets were woven only in the narrow window of  approximately 1895 to 1910 and they are characterised by finer, more compact weaves with shorter pile than the general grades of antique Heriz carpets. The striking teal central motif is engagingly variegated (abrashed) and draws the eye of the beholder to the centre of the carpet. Energy flows outward from this focal  point to every part of this carpet. Heriz carpets are village creations and early examples, as here, are individual and unique.  They have always been popular as room size semi-geometric carpets and have no substitutes, only copies which do not convey the vibrant and vigourous qualities of antique Serapi carpets such as this.

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