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Antique Persian Prayer Rug with Silk Details- 161004

Design No.:161004
Product Status:In Stock
Materials:Wool & Silk
Style:Mehrab or Prayer
Available Sizes:4.5X5.10

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An extremely fine, mint condition antique prayer rug emanates from the area around Farahan in west central Persia. The taupe field, beneath ivory arabesque spandrels, is centred at the base by a giant matching ivory vase on stand emitting exuberant flowering stems, with pairs of colourful Persian birds fluttering about. The narrow border displays the popular in-and-out turtle palmette and angular vine pattern in the Ferahan style. Such elaborate vases are found on other Persian 19th century prayer rugs attributed to Farahan. Rose silk has been used to enhance the large central top palmette and details in the spandrels. This highlighting appears in only pieces of the highest quality in this period. The single cord selvages are also silk wrapped, another sign of particularly high quality. The rug is blue or ivory silk wefted on a cotton warp with asymmetric (Persian) knots. The nearly erect pile is of fine quality, resilient domestic wool and is clipped short to better render the complex design. This beautifully executed interpretation of a classic design represents the best in nineteenth century urban Persian carpet art. Rarely are Ferahan rugs so fine and complex in design. This rug is a perfect accompaniment for high style traditional furniture and makes an outstanding wall hanging.

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