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Antique Gabbeh Runner – 6538

Design No.: 6538
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:3.8X8.1

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The nomadic south Persian tribes were, until recently, dependent on their camels for transport in their seasonal migrations. It is therefore not surprising that seven stylised camels appear on this antique Gabbeh rug, possibly from the Luri tribal group. In addition seven women, probably all weavers, and eight shepherd dogs decorate the red field of this authentic tribal rug, along with botehs and lesser geometric elements. The borders draw from the general repertory available to all the southwest Persian (Fars province) tribes. The extra end borders are a south Persian defining feature and appear on many antique Luri, Khamseh and Qashgai rugs. The weavers draw from the world around them and thus include animals, birds, flowers and their own portraits in colourful clothes. Gabbeh rugs have longer piles than most of the local area weavings and were produced for domestic use rather than for sale. Only recently have antique Persian gabbeh rugs attracted the eyes of Western collectors.

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