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Antique Yazd Rug – 270503

Design No.:270503
Product Status:In Stock
Style:Allover Medallion
Available Sizes:15.1X28.4

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Yazd is a city in southeast Persia and weaves carpets often in the Kerman style with stronger colours. This carpet, however,  is all traditional with  a layered herati pattern of rosettes and sickle leaves on  navy with an en suite submedallion enclosed within a matching ivory lozenge larger panel. The red border displays a fine rendition of the in and out turtle palmette pattern. The colour palette is rich and saturated with natural sources for all the tones. The weave is close and even, with a moderately short pile. Yazd carpets can be distinguished from Kermans by their blue wefts.  This is a particularly large Yazd carpet. Unlike Kerman which as organised primarily for export, Yazd carpets were usually intended for the domestic market and are closer to real Persian taste.

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