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Antique Extremely Rare Shirvan Rug-141101

Design No.:141101
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Shirvan Perpedil Prayer Rug

Dated 1307 = 1890 and inscribed

The desirable ivory field of this iconic Perpedil Shirvan rug displays a saw-tooth edged and pointed niche arch freely floating above the characteristic rams horns pattern oriental both vertically and horizontally. A scatter fill of small geometric devices discreetly inhabits the open spaces and a polychrome implicit star border is aligned along the outer edge of the field. The black main border has a hooked,thin blue vine and trapezoids in yellow and ivory. The rose-red minors are in a skeletal star and bar pattern. The warp is tan wool, the weft is cotton, the weave is medium fine, and the high quality pile is particularly high for a Shirvan rug. The vast majority of Perpedil style rugs are in the non-prayer format. The unusual niche design,  the date and inscription, and the ivory ground and fine condition of this example render it particularly collectible.

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