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Antique Kerman Lavar Rug – 211205

Design No.:211205
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:12.2X17.4

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Kirman carpets are designed like no others. ┬áThe old ivory ground of this carpet is densely covered with a wide variety of floral sprays, cloudbands, palmettes, rosettesl, ┬áleaves and a veritable spring garden of real and imagined flowers.The pattern is one-directional and symmetric around a central vertical axis. The medium blue main border has more fantasy flowers and is flanked by cloudband pattern minors. This Kirman comes from the “covered ground” period where motives of various sizes fill the field, leaving no broad areas of plain colour. Kirman carpets are always well dyed and this attractive example has more than a dozen distinct hues. The red is from cochineal rather than from madder as is usual with most oriental rugs. Kirman designs, such as this successful one,. are the products of a particularly artistic local school of artists.

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