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Antique Kashan Rug – 210513

Design No.:210513
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:8.9X13.10

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Kashan has been, since the late 19th century, a source of finely woven, urban-style Persian carpets. Located in central Iran,  the looms are in houses, rather than large factories. This particularly attractive ivory ground piece has a complex pattern of multicolour palmettes in a variety of styles, sinuous vines and sickle leaves. The pattern is called “Shah Abbas” since it traces back to carpets woven under the rule of that Shah in the early 17th century. The red border is more restrained with a split vine enclosing rosettes and palmettes.  The majority of Kashan carpets are in the medallion style and so this allover pattern  piece is particularly rare and desirable. The pile is clipped short to better display the complex and movemented pattern.

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