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Antique Heriz Rug – 3430

Design No.:3430
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:9.1X11.1

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Madder red antique Heriz carpets can be aptly described as warm and friendly. Rustic,intrinsically appealing and informal, this Gorevan-quality carpet from Northwest Persia has a centralised pattern based on a central rosette and right angled vinery developing various palmettes and geometric flowers. This Heriz cannot be called abstractly geometric, but rather is a village simplification of a more complex and less vigourous urban pattern. Heriz weavers have always been good at reducing complex city designs to stylistic essentials and then creating unique compositions around these skeletal frameworks.The Gorevan quality Heriz, almost always in allover or centralised, non-medallion patterns, was a product of the 1900-1915 period and was particularly popular in Mediterranean-style American houses where its informality was appreciated. The weave is relatively coarse, but the pile wool is of good quality and long life is built in. This antique carpet works uncannily well in almost any decorative setting, even the most modern.

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