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Antique Agra Rug – 970724

Design No.:970724
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:14X18.3

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Carpets have been woven in Agra city in northern India since  the beginning of the 17th century. Most, or at least many, antique Agras are in the allover in and out palmette pattern on red to cranberry grounds with en suite blue or green borders. This carpet is quite different and, as such, commands our attention. The ivory field is covered by an allover repeat of palmettes of various sizes ,grape  clusters and smaller leaves. The presence of grapes  is exceptionally uncommon. The border has a version of the in and out palmette design, but stylised in the turn of the century manner. The weave is fine, with a short , erect pile tied in asymmetric knots on an all cotton foundatio. The handle is firm and  heavy. Antique Agra carpets were commissioned by English firms for export to the U.K. and to the burgeoning American market. Our carpet was therefore carefully supervised and the resulting design is balanced and well drawn. The border corners are turned correctly with a diagonal palmette at the right angle. Antique Agra carpets have always been popular with interior designers for their versatility and elegance.

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