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Ivory Moghan Kazak Rug#160101

Design No.:160101
Product Status:In Stock
Style:Allover Medallion
Available Sizes:6X6.6
Original Price:$15000.00

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Kazak Square Rug
Southwest Caucasus
Mid-19th Century

Three columns of five Memling guls closely cover the ivory field of this absolutely iconic antique Kazak rug. The Broad hooked interior elements are detailed in madder red, gold., green,ivory, brown-black, royal blue and aubergine-violet. There are two separator columns and two half-columns on the sides of the field with colour samplers. The old gold border has a variety of hooked devices and a few small colourful dots on one side. There are flanking medium blue minors with zig-zag ribbon patterns.
The pile is long and fleecy. All the colours are from natural sources. In particular, the aubergine is derived from the madder plant. The extensive use of aubergine indicates a rug of significant age, as the colours was phased out in the second half of the 19th century.
Although erroneously called “Moghan”, this is a true west Caucasian Kazak with long pile, numerous wefts and a floppy handle. True Moghan rugs from the southeast Caucasus are in elongated formats with lower pile and finer weave,although they share the basic Memling gul pattern.

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