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Antique Chinese Rug – 1403

Design No.:1403
Product Status:In Stock
Style:Open Field
Available Sizes:5.10X8.7

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Peking carpets in the blue and white style were particularly popular in the 1880-1920 period. The open old ivory field of this ┬ácarpet is centred by a mini landscape roundel. Paeony branches float on the ground and slender flowering branches ornament the corners. The navy border has variously shaped cartouches and double gourds with flowering branches matching those of the field. The pile, of Tibetan or Mongolian wool, is of excellent quality, fairly long and the carpet has a lush ┬átexture. ┬áChinese carpets of this period are just exotic enough, not overly Chinesey, to work with almost any decor. The overall style does not have to be far eastern. Unlike many Chinese carpets, with their esoteric symbology, this rug has a serene and elegant character. The style is pre-Art Deco and lacks both the geometric stylisation of the Tientsin carpets and the tone-on-tone foliate patterns of the 1920’s Fette Peking carpets.

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