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An Imperial Silk and Metal-Thread Chinese Rug- 150801

Design No.:150801
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:7X9.11

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Late Qing Dynasty
This carpet has a nine dragon pattern with a larger central creature with flaming pearls and cloud knots scattered about. This rug follows the Ellsworth example (lot 51 Christie’s sale March 17 2015) particulars.
The Z-3 silk pile is raised in relief over a gilt silver thread ground. The silver gilt Threads has a silk core and is woven in a +2 -1 warp wrapping style. The foundation is all cotton with two wefts equally alternating between knot rows. The fringe is added, but contemporary. the knot count is about 60 per square inch. The dragons are the usual 5-clovel”Imperial” type. The
“yun tsai tou” rainbow outer border surrounds a double wave inner border with curting bits of foam. There are 4 stylised mountains at the cardinal points on the sides.The insertion cartouche the tags reads ” Place & Prosperity & Peace”

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