We are First Rugs, with two showrooms in Acton and Boston SoWa’s Art+Design District. We have been operating for 25+ years in and around the Greater Boston Area.

                Quality, Quality and Quality is what we sell; there are over 6,000 one-of-a-kind rugs in our inventory, all are hand-knotted and handmade pieces.

                Our design selection is immense: Traditional to modern and contemporary, period antique to just off the loom, urban to rustic, classic to nomadic. We offer rugs from everywhere, Persia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Morocco, The Caucasus, all over Europe and the Balkans, Nepal, Turkestan east and west. Each piece, new or old, is unique. Artistic merit is always the deciding factor for First Rugs. We travel the world to keep our inventory fresh and stay abreast to the latest trends. We manufacture directly or buy at the source. Any size from pillow to palace, any color scheme, from restrained to buoyant. We do it all.

                In the odd chance we do not have what you are looking for, we can make it from your own design or from an almost infinite selection of extent patterns.

Our wide range of antique pieces is world class and includes both the collectible and decorative. We act as agents for clients at all major auctions both here and abroad.

 Quality extends to the actual fabric. Only rugs of good wool, good dyes, and good finishing are selected for our showrooms. They hold up well even in heavy use and retain their value. Our liberal trade-in policy supports this. Home try-outs are standard and recommended. Context counts. The rug is often the largest object in the room and viewing it in the actual space will always tell you more than a picture. NO sales pressure here.

                First Rug is a full service business. Professional cleaning appropriate to the rug type; expert restoration, repair and conservation done domestically, and abroad if the project demands it; appraisals for insurance, estate and tax purposes; consultation and advice, including rugs for investment purposes. We buy, sell, and exchange. Designers and architects throughout the U.S. and Europe value First Rug as a primary resource. First Rug has a local, national and international clientele. In addition we also publish research on antique carpets.

                First Rugs is first, last and always the best choice for the right handmade rug.

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